Speed Sleep 2 for Health and Fitness 

Mental Conditioning for Achieving Your Ideal Body is a follow-up download to the highly successful Speed Sleep download which allows listeners to enjoy the equivalent of a deep relaxed sleep in just 25 minutes. Speed Sleep II utilizes the same conditioned response created by the original Speed Sleep. The beginning and ending are identical…even the background music track is the same.

Once deeply asleep, Speed Sleep II has guided imagery to focus the mind on better health and fitness. This imagery helps you to “program” your mind to desire healthier alternatives and to achieve your ideal body. Repeated use of this download will increase it’s effectiveness.

Speed Sleep II is effective if you have never listened to the original Speed Sleep but it will require repeated listening to deepen the patterns in your mind. Repeated use of this download while asleep can increase your motivation for healthier choices while awake.

Sleep Hard Work Hard

Sleep Programming

Sleep programming is a technique of feeding powerful suggestions to your mind while you sleep, reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level. Researchers have proved that people can be conditioned with behaviours in their sleep — and then exhibit those same behaviours when they’re awake, without any memory of the earlier training.

A study in collaboration with the University of Cambridge is now building on previous work focused on subliminal processing by showing that speech processing and other complex tasks “can be done not only without being aware of what you perceive, but also without being aware at all.” Brain activity showed that the participants continued to respond accurately, although more slowly, even as they lay completely motionless and unaware in their sleep. The research shows that entire messages, as coded by the peripheral sense organs, reach the sensory parts of the cerebral cortex in their entirety. They are unfiltered by the thalamus.

The thalamus is considered to be an obligatory station through which almost all sensory information must pass before reaching the sensory cortex. One of the major functions of the thalamus is the selective control of the flow of information during different states of consciousness. This function is called the “sensory gating mechanism of the thalamus” or “thalamic sensory gating”.

Thus the focus of Speed Sleep II is on powerful messages that reinforce healthy eating habits and physical activity. There are no subliminal messages in either Speed Sleep I or Speed Sleep II. If desired you can force yourself to stay in the awake and alert state of mind and listen to all the messages from beginning to end so that you will more fully understand the mental conditioning that is taking place

Sleep Programming
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Sleeping well is as valuable as your barbell

You don’t grow in the gym, you grow while you recover. You also get stronger, leaner and faster while you recover. Very few people build schedules around their sleep the way they build them around their workout routines. But this lack of focus on sleep might be the missing element in the quest for a better body.

If you want to recover and grow you need to sleep well to secrete enough growth hormone. Sleep is the most anabolic thing you can do for your muscles. Growth hormone is also influential in your body’s ability to fight fat.

The power of guided imagery

The best way to predict your future is to create it. All high-achieving men and women take full control of their lives, and if they don’t find the opportunities they want , they create them.
Success is not an accident. It is a deliberate, systematic process of deciding where you want to go and what it will look like when you get there. You then have to follow your plan and take the necessary steps to make your goals become a reality.

Successful people are those who continually think about pictures and images of the people they would like to be, and the lives they would like to lead. Unsuccessful people, unfortunately, are those who continually, dwell upon their problems and imagine the things they don’t want to happen in their lives.

The most powerful tool for success that you can learn how to use, is imagery or visualization. Guided imagery is an simple process that is used by all successful men and women in virtually every field. The better you become at visualization the faster you will accomplish your goals and aspirations.

Guided Imagery is the art of being able to be led to see with our mind. It uses visualization for the creation of mental images sustained and energized by intensely concentrating your focus on a desired goal. The concept is simple: what your mind sees and is truly made to believe becomes your reality.

This visualization activates your peak intelligence and your peak performance. It is an exercise in mentally creating a state, situation, or goal that you want to physically manifest in your life. Your imagination is a very powerful tool to help you achieve what you want in life. And you probably have used visualization many times during your life in one way or another without even realizing it.

Speed Sleep
Speed Sleep 1

Speed Sleep I

Comes complete with 2 tracks:

The Daily Speed Sleep® Nap
The Nightly Speed Sleep® Accelerator

Speed Sleep 2

Speed Sleep II

For Health and Fitness 

The trusted Speed Sleep methodology 
Additional guided imagery for better fitness and well-being.

Bundle Speed Sleep 1 and Speed Sleep 2

Speed Sleep I & II Bundle

Original and Health & Fitness:

Both versions for a combined value
Audio aids for better sleep and fitness
The compounded effectiveness of both programs used together.

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