Speed Sleep II Digital Download for Health & Fitness

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Speed Sleep II includes:

The trusted Speed Sleep methodology
Additional guided imagery for better fitness and well-being

Digital Speed Sleep II
(MP3 Download)

Mental Conditioning for Achieving Your Ideal Body is a follow-up download to the highly successful Speed Sleep I download which allows listeners to enjoy the equivalent of a deep relaxed sleep in just 25 minutes. Speed Sleep II utilizes the same conditioned response created by the original Speed Sleep. The beginning and ending are identical…even the background music track is the same.

Once deeply asleep, Speed Sleep II has guided imagery to focus the mind on better health and fitness. This imagery helps you to “program” your mind to desire healthier alternatives and to achieve your ideal body. Repeated use of this download will increase it’s effectiveness.

Speed Sleep II is effective if you have never listened to the original Speed Sleep but it will require repeated listening to deepen the patterns in your mind. Repeated use of this download while asleep can increase your motivation for healthier choices while awake.

The focus of Speed Sleep II is on powerful messages that reinforce healthy eating habits and physical activity. There are no subliminal messages in either Speed Sleep I or Speed Sleep II. If desired you can force yourself to stay in the awake and alert state of mind and listen to all the messages from beginning to end so that you will more fully understand the mental conditioning that is taking place.

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