December 22 2020


Meditate before a good sleep

1.Take 6 Six Deep Breaths

When you are ready to nap, get comfy, and take six really deep, slow, breaths. If you can, breathe in from the nose, and out through the mouth.

Nice, slow, easy. This triggers the relaxation response which is the process of deescalating the stress response and inducing relaxation through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

How to do it:
With one hand on the chest and the other on the belly, take a deep breath in through the nose, ensuring the diaphragm (not the chest) inflates with enough air to create a stretch in the lungs and breathe out through the mouth.

The goal: Six deep slow breaths..

Slow deep breaths help sleep

2.Feel Your Aches and Tension

When we grow up we were told many times to be quiet, close our mouth, swallow in our emotions and to tighten our jaws. We tighten our jaws when we feel stress or anxiety, it becomes a habit to tighten our jaws, each time we feel emotions or an urge to share something.

How to do it:
Without moving, take a quick inventory of the aches and pains you feel, especially around the face, the neck, your jaw, and your lower back. Then with eyes closed visualize each of the muscles one at a time, relaxing and extending then releasing the stored tension.

Relieve Aches for a good nights sleep

3.Think of Warmth

By increasing the temperature of your skin—but not your core body temperature-just a little bit can help you achieve deeper, more restful sleep and avoid waking up too early in the morning.

The reasoning behind the phenomenon is that skin warming has been shown to stimulate areas in the brain that are involved in regulating sleep.

How to do it:
Imagine sending liquid warmth through those parts, such that the warmth pours over the aches, and washes them down out of your body off the bed, and onto the floor.

Keeping warm helps sleep

4.Release your thoughts and worries

It’s not easy to take a good look in the mirror and acknowledge the years of reflexive thoughts and actions that have spawned many of your worries. But if you don’t, you will never embrace full and joyous living. However, it’s one thing to recognize them and quite another to try to rid yourself of them. The world changes and has a certain level of unpredictability.

Reactions to life’s real or perceived disruptions have become ingrained and reflexive. Now is the time to let them go and sleep soundly.

How to do it:
Say to every bothersome thought that comes into your head, ‘I can’t fix you right now. I’ll get back to you later." Everything that comes up is not meant to be solved right now. Your brain’s just trying to get rid of them. Even reminders. ‘I’ll remember you when I wake up." Let them all go..

Worry less sleep more

5.Assure yourself you will wake up on time

Remember, our internal clocks have adapted to the 24-hour time cycle, so thinking of your wake up time in terms of physical, man made clocks will be helpful. Your conscious anticipation will be guiding your subconscious. We’re not sure how the brain monitors the passage of time, but it does.

How to do it:
Before you sleep, actively visualize the time of awakening. Think about when you want to wake up, and how. Get creative. Imagine yourself waking up and looking at the clock, which - in your imagination - will be set to the correct time. It’s all about implanting that time in your mind..

Wake up on time

6.Visualize a relaxing space

Visualization has proven helpful in developing the appropriate brain wave patterns to achieve restful sleep. The more you practice these techniques and build them into a ritual, the better your opportunity for repeatable success. Just like Speed Sleep it is about increasing the speed
at which you achieve those deep levels of sleep. The speed at which you get to sleep after practicing these improves as you practice.

How to do it:
Close your eyes and imagine you're walking across a big open field, the warm sun is shining down, a gentle breeze, or, you’re in a hammock, up off the ground, wrapped in a cocoon of comfort, swaying gently in the open air. The warmth of the sun on your face, and there’s a breeze blowing you back and forth.  

Sleep when relaxed

By listening to Speed Sleep repeatedly you will quickly:
Achieve deep sleep within minutes
Awaken refreshed, even during the day, from a 25 minute Speed Sleep nap
Discover new sources of physical energy and mental sharpness
Minimize the effects of jet lag when traveling

Speed Sleep I & II Bundle Digital Download
Speed Sleep I & II Bundle Digital Download

Speed Sleep I & II Bundle Digital Download


Digital Speed Sleep Kit
(MP3 Download)

Speed Sleep Original and Speed Sleep Health & Fitness:

Both versions for a combined value
Audio aids for better sleep and fitness
The compounded effectiveness of both programs used together


Speed Sleep I:

An audio (mp3) download to help induce deep sleep.

Digital Speed Sleep I
(MP3 Download)

By listening to Speed Sleep repeatedly you will quickly:

  • Achieve deep sleep within minutes
  • Awaken refreshed, even during the day, from a 25 minute Speed Sleep nap
  • Discover new sources of physical energy and mental sharpness
  • Minimize the effects of jet lag when traveling


Sleep on Demand
Speed Sleep consists of a guided visualization that uses voice and background music to condition a response of deep sleep. The tracks contain certain language patterns or triggers – called “anchors” – that generate this response, and with repeated listenings the anchors can even be used at any time, with or without the Speed Sleep audio. It works so well because Speed Sleep pairs an old sleep stimulus – lying down in a darkened room with closed eyes – with a new one, the words and music on the recording. With repeated listening, this audio will become strongly entwined with sleep in your mind that it will produce an engrained response – a state of relaxation and then a deep sleep.
At this point, you have essentially conditioned yourself to sleep intensely on command – and you will begin to experience the increased physical and mental capabilities that go hand in hand with regular high quality sleep.


 Speed Sleep II:

Digital Speed Sleep II
(MP3 Download)

Mental Conditioning for Achieving Your Ideal Body is a follow-up CD to the highly successful Speed Sleep CD which allows listeners to enjoy the equivalent of a deep relaxed sleep in just 25 minutes. Speed Sleep II utilizes the same conditioned response created by the original Speed Sleep. The beginning and ending are identical…even the background music track is the same.

Once deeply asleep, Speed Sleep II has guided imagery to focus the mind on better health and fitness. This imagery helps you to “program” your mind to desire healthier alternatives and to achieve your ideal body. Repeated use of this CD will increase it’s effectiveness.

Speed Sleep II is effective if you have never listened to the original Speed Sleep but it will require repeated listening to deepen the patterns in your mind. Repeated use of this CD while asleep can increase your motivation for healthier choices while awake.

The focus of Speed Sleep II is on powerful messages that reinforce healthy eating habits and physical activity. There are no subliminal messages in either Speed Sleep I or Speed Sleep II. If desired you can force yourself to stay in the awake and alert state of mind and listen to all the messages from beginning to end so that you will more fully understand the mental conditioning that is taking place



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